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Sariya College ,Suriya A Permanent Affiliated unit of Vinoba Bhave University , Hazaribagh
Registered Under 2(f) & 12(b) UGC Act. | ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Po: Suriya, Dist: Giridih, Jharkhand, India, PIN - 825320, Accreditated with Grade 'C' by NAAC CGPA1.96


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SL. NO. Notice Title Publish on Notice for Action
1Exam Notice Sem V2023-02-11 09:53:48studentView
2Major - Urdu 2023-01-03 11:53:56studentView
3IRC-Urdu2023-01-03 11:52:59studentView
4Non Hindi-Urdu2023-01-03 11:51:50studentView
5Non Hindi 2023-01-02 08:20:36studentView
6Major Sanskrit2022-12-29 08:25:03studentView
7Major-Khortha2022-12-29 08:23:51studentView
8IRC Philosophy 2022-12-29 08:22:37studentView
9Major Philosophy 2022-12-29 08:21:20studentView
10Major F Accounts2022-12-28 13:03:30studentView
11IVS Entrepreneurship 2022-12-28 13:01:17studentView
12M I L2022-12-28 13:00:00studentView
13Understanding India 2022-12-28 12:58:42studentView
14Major Sociology2022-12-28 12:57:26studentView
15Major Political Science2022-12-28 12:55:55studentView
16Major History2022-12-28 12:54:51studentView
17Major Hindi2022-12-28 12:53:46studentView
18Major Geography2022-12-28 12:52:29studentView
19Major English2022-12-28 12:51:43studentView
20Major Economics2022-12-28 12:50:49studentView
21IRC Business Economics2022-12-28 12:49:36studentView
22IRC Sociology2022-12-28 12:47:40studentView
23IRC Pol SC2022-12-28 12:46:47studentView
24IRC History2022-12-28 12:45:58studentView
25IRC Hindi2022-12-28 12:45:10studentView
26IRC Geography2022-12-28 12:44:28studentView
27IRC English2022-12-28 12:43:43studentView
28IRC Eco2022-12-28 12:42:55studentView
29Important exam notice 2022-12-28 08:54:44studentView
30Revise Mid Sem Internal Exam of Semester 1 Session 2022-262022-12-23 09:50:41studentView
31Mid Sem Exam Sem I Session 2022-262022-12-19 07:05:27studentView
32Tender 2022-11-30 08:45:41tenderView
33Vacancy2022-11-29 08:05:35teacherView
34Blood Donation Camp2022-11-17 09:01:05studentView
35Pending scholarship list 2022-11-17 08:55:15studentView
36Sixth Provisional Merit List of Geography 2022-11-13 09:16:35studentView
37Sixth Provisional Merit List of Pol Sc2022-11-13 09:15:21studentView
38Sixth Provisional Merit List of Hindi2022-11-13 09:14:14studentView
39Exam Notice Sem III2022-11-12 08:48:58studentView
40Fifth provisional merit list of Accountancy2022-11-04 09:08:48studentView
41Fifth provisional merit list of Economics2022-11-04 09:07:57studentView
42Fifth provisional merit list of English 2022-11-04 09:07:06studentView
43Fifth provisional merit list of Geography2022-11-04 09:06:19studentView
44Fifth provisional merit list of Hindi 2022-11-04 09:05:29studentView
45Fifth provisional merit list of Pol Sc2022-11-04 09:04:22studentView
46Fifth provisional merit list of Sociology 2022-11-04 09:03:37studentView
47Vacancy 2022-10-29 06:38:18teacherView
50FOURTH PROVISIONAL MERIT LIST OF ENGLISH 2022-10-12 11:25:51studentView
52FOURTH PROVISIONAL MERIT LIST OF HISTORY 2022-10-12 11:22:23studentView
55FOURTH PROVISIONAL LIST OF SANSKRIT 2022-10-12 11:18:44studentView
57Internal Exam Sem IV Session 2020-232022-09-24 08:20:39studentView
58MERIT LIST COMMERCE2022-09-16 07:45:40studentView
59MERIT LIST ENGLISH2022-09-16 07:43:17studentView
60MERIT LIST GEOGRAPHY 2022-09-16 07:41:59studentView
61MERIT LIST HINDI2022-09-16 07:40:45studentView
62MERIT LIST HISTORY2022-09-16 07:39:32studentView
63MERIT LIST HISTORY OPEN MERIT2022-09-16 07:38:22studentView
64MERIT LIST PHILOSOPHY2022-09-16 07:36:27studentView
65MERIT LIST POL SC2022-09-16 07:35:09studentView
66MERIT LIST SANSKRIT2022-09-16 07:34:03studentView
67MERIT LIST HISTORY BC II2022-09-08 09:43:34studentView
68MERIT LIST HISTORY SC2022-09-08 09:41:52studentView
69MERIT LIST ACCOUNTS2022-09-08 06:41:26studentView
70MERIT LIST ENGLISH 2022-09-08 06:40:05studentView
71MERIT LIST GEOGRAPHY2022-09-08 06:39:21studentView
72MERIT LIST HINDI 2022-09-08 06:38:33studentView
73MERIT LIST SANSKRIT 2022-09-08 06:36:20studentView
74MERIT LIST SOCIOLOGY2022-09-08 06:35:31studentView
75MERIT LIST URDU2022-09-08 06:34:44studentView
76MERIT LIST PHILOSOPHY2022-09-08 06:33:53studentView
77First Provisional Merit List of Urdu Major 2022-262022-08-18 07:35:50studentView
78First Provisional Merit List of Sociology Major 2022-262022-08-18 07:34:55studentView
79First Provisional Merit List of Sanskrit Major 2022-262022-08-18 07:33:43studentView
80First Provisional Merit List of Pol Sc Major 2022-262022-08-18 07:32:35studentView
81First Provisional Merit List of Khortha Major 2022-262022-08-18 07:31:32studentView
82First Provisional Merit List of History Major 2022-262022-08-18 07:30:26studentView
83First Provisional Merit List of Geography Major 2022-262022-08-18 07:28:21studentView
84First Provisional Merit List of English Major 2022-262022-08-18 07:26:41studentView
85First Provisional Merit List of Economics Major 2022-262022-08-18 07:24:46studentView
86First Provisional Merit List of Com Major 2022-262022-08-17 09:18:23studentView
87Tiranga Yatra 2022-08-09 13:45:49studentView
88Painting competition 2022-08-09 13:44:35studentView
89Geography practical exam of Sem II 21-242022-08-01 07:18:37studentView
90Career counselling program 2022-07-28 03:41:58studentView
91Internal exam program of Sem II2022-07-18 07:17:42studentView
92Question of Sem VI Eco DSE 4 Group B2022-05-18 06:14:23studentView
93Question of Sem VI Marketing Communication2022-05-17 13:48:31studentView
94Question of Sem VI Commerce2022-05-17 12:53:22studentView
95Question of Sem VI ETP2022-05-17 08:25:33studentView
96Question of Sem VI Soc Gen2022-05-17 08:24:46studentView
97Question of Sem VI Hist Core2022-05-17 07:56:53studentView
98Question of Sem VI Hist DSE2022-05-17 07:55:58studentView
99Question of Sem VI Hist Gen2022-05-17 07:55:07studentView
100Question of Sem VI Hindi Core2022-05-17 07:54:03studentView
101Question of Sem VI Hindi DSE2022-05-17 07:25:20studentView
102Question of Sem VI Hindi Gen2022-05-17 07:24:05studentView
103Question of Sem VI Eng Core2022-05-17 07:20:06studentView
104Question of Sem VI Eng DSE2022-05-17 07:18:55studentView
105Question of Sem VI Eco Gen2022-05-17 07:17:51studentView
106Question of Sem VI Eco Core2022-05-17 07:12:55studentView
107Question of Sem VI Eco DSE2022-05-17 07:11:16studentView
108Question of Sem VI Soc DSE2022-05-17 07:06:43studentView
109Question of Sem VI Soc Core 2022-05-17 07:05:44studentView
110Question of Sem VI Pol Sc Gen2022-05-17 07:04:25studentView
111Question of Sem VI Pol Sc DSE2022-05-17 07:02:34studentView
112Question of Sem VI Pol Sc Core 2022-05-17 07:00:39studentView
113Syllabus of Geography GE2022-05-16 03:51:28studentView
114Syllabus of History GE2022-05-16 03:50:15View
115Syllabus of Hindi GE2022-05-16 03:49:14studentView
116Syllabus of Sociology GE2022-05-16 03:48:08studentView
117Syllabus of Pol Sc GE2022-05-16 03:47:06studentView
118Syllabus of English GE2022-05-16 03:46:07studentView
119Syllabus of Eco GE 2022-05-16 03:44:50studentView
120Program of Internal Exam Sem III Session 2020-23 2022-05-02 08:30:12studentView
121Refund Notice 2022-04-20 06:47:25studentView
122Exam Notice Sem I 2022-03-24 06:17:49studentView
123One day workshop on IPR2022-03-22 09:19:13teacherView
124Rejected application for Admission & Others2022-03-10 04:58:01studentView
125Rejected application for admission2022-02-25 09:47:22studentView
126Online support for preparation for entrance and competitive exams.2022-02-22 11:26:41studentView
127Internal Exam of Sem. I Session 2021-242022-02-12 06:17:09studentView
128Internal Exam of Sem. V Session 2019-222022-02-09 01:51:30studentView
129Sixth consolidated statement 2022-01-03 10:29:34studentView
130Consolidated Statement 2021-12-22 14:18:55studentView
131Sixth Provisional Merit List 2021-12-18 09:25:15studentView
132Fifth Provisional Merit List for Com Eco Soc Hon. and BA Gen session 2021-242021-12-06 14:02:53studentView
133Fifth Provisional Merit List for English and Pol Sc Hon. session 2021-242021-12-06 13:59:51studentView
134Fifth Provisional Merit List for Hindi and Geography Hon. session 2021-242021-12-06 13:58:11studentView
135Fifth Provisional Merit List for History Hon. session 2021-242021-12-06 13:56:10studentView
136Vacancy2021-11-11 05:15:55tenderView
137Fourth merit list of Soc2021-10-31 14:17:20studentView
138Fourth merit list of Pol Sc2021-10-31 14:16:00studentView
139Fourth merit list of Hindi2021-10-31 14:14:35studentView
140Fourth merit list of Eco2021-10-31 14:13:20studentView
141Fourth merit list of Eng2021-10-31 14:11:57studentView
142Fourth merit list of Eco2021-10-31 14:09:51studentView
143Fourth merit list of BA Gen, Urdu, Com2021-10-31 14:08:16studentView
144Third Provision Merit List of Soc2021-10-09 08:19:30studentView
145Third Provision Merit List of Pol Sc2021-10-09 07:58:54studentView
146Third Provisional Merit List of History2021-10-09 07:55:05studentView
147Third Provisional Merit List of Hindi 2021-10-09 07:51:06studentView
148Third Provision Merit List of Geo2021-10-09 07:49:01studentView
149Third Provision Merit List of Eng2021-10-09 07:47:42studentView
150Third Provision Merit List of Eco Udu B A Gen2021-10-09 07:44:37studentView
151National Webinar on Research Methodology2021-10-08 13:55:03studentView
152Internal Exam of Sem. II session 2020-232021-09-23 09:13:51studentView
153Provisional Second Merit list of Urdu Hon2021-09-23 09:01:14studentView
154Provisional Second Merit List of Sociology Hon2021-09-23 08:59:42studentView
155Provisional Second Merit list of Pol Sc Hon2021-09-23 08:58:12studentView
156Provisional Second Merit List of History Hon2021-09-23 08:56:41studentView
157Provisional Second Merit List of Hindi Hon2021-09-23 08:54:30studentView
158Provisional Second Merit list of Eng Hon2021-09-23 08:52:38studentView
159Provisional second merit list of Geo and Phil. Hon2021-09-23 08:51:15studentView
160Provisional Second merit list of Eco Hon2021-09-23 08:49:03studentView
161Provisional Second Merit list of B Com Hon2021-09-23 08:47:27studentView
162Provisional Second Merit list of BA Gen2021-09-23 08:45:38studentView
163Advertisement Notice2021-09-15 02:53:46teacherView
164Examination Notice 2021-09-13 06:19:20studentView
165Program of Internal Exam of Sem IV session 2019-212021-09-07 09:10:24studentView
166 Admission Notice no 22021-09-03 02:55:25studentView
167General Instruction for Admission in UG Sem. I Session 2021-242021-08-31 08:35:48studentView
168Provisional First Merit List for Hindi Hon.2021-08-28 09:02:42studentView
169Provisional First Merit List for Political Sc. Hon.2021-08-28 08:53:28studentView
170Provisional First Merit List for English Hon. Session 2021-242021-08-28 08:47:51studentView
171First Provisional Merit List for History Hon. session 2021-242021-08-28 08:38:17studentView
172Provisional First Merit List for Eco. Hon.2021-08-28 08:28:58studentView
173Provisional First Merit List for Urdu, Soc. Hon. and B. A. Gen. 2021-08-28 08:25:58studentView
174Provisional First Merit List for Com. Hon.2021-08-28 08:21:26studentView
175Consolidated Merit List for Admission in B.A., B. Com, Sem. I Session 2021-242021-08-28 08:11:11studentView
176General Instruction for Admission 2021-08-28 06:56:33studentView
177Admission Notice no 12021-08-09 03:29:52studentView
178Office Order2021-08-05 06:49:01studentView
179Internal Exam of Sem. VI session 2018-212021-08-02 08:09:34studentView
180Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Eng. DSE 4 dt. 28/7/212021-07-27 11:29:57studentView
181Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Hindi DSE 4 dt. 28/7/212021-07-27 11:28:43studentView
182Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Hist. DSE 4 dt. 28/7/212021-07-27 11:27:35studentView
183Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Pol Sc. DSE 4 dt. 28/7/212021-07-27 11:26:23studentView
184Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Pol.Sc. DSE 3 dt. 27/7/212021-07-26 15:05:41studentView
185Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Hist. DSE 3 dt. 27/7/212021-07-26 15:04:37studentView
186Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Hindi DSE 3 dt. 27/7/212021-07-26 15:03:43studentView
187Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Eng. DSE 3 dt. 27/7/212021-07-26 15:02:22studentView
188Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Pol. Sc. Paper 14 dt. 26/7/20212021-07-25 15:45:19studentView
189Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Hist. Paper 14 dt. 26/7/20212021-07-25 15:44:17studentView
190Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Hindi Paper 14 dt. 26/7/20212021-07-25 15:43:14studentView
191Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Eng. Paper 14 dt. 26/7/20212021-07-25 15:41:50studentView
192Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Eco. Paper 14 dt. 26/7/20212021-07-25 15:40:20studentView
193Online Test of B. Com. Sem. VI Paper BRM dt. 26/7/20212021-07-25 15:39:13studentView
194Online Test of B. Com. Sem. VI Paper C.M. Account dt. 25/7/20212021-07-24 03:28:30studentView
195Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Pol.Sc. Paper 13 dt. 25/7/20212021-07-24 03:27:10studentView
196Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Hindi Paper 13 dt. 25/7/20212021-07-24 03:25:47studentView
197Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Eng. Paper 13 dt. 25/7/20212021-07-24 03:24:26studentView
198Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Eco. Paper 13 dt. 25/7/20212021-07-24 03:22:50studentView
199Online Test of B. A. Sem. VI Hist. Paper 13 dt. 25/7/20212021-07-24 03:21:27studentView
200Online Test of B. Com. Sem. IV Business Management dt. 22/7/212021-07-21 07:15:05studentView
201Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Eco. Paper 10 dt. 22/7/212021-07-21 07:13:53studentView
202Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Eng. Paper 10 dt. 22/7/212021-07-21 07:12:53studentView
203Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Hindi Paper 10 dt. 22/7/212021-07-21 07:11:52studentView
204Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Pol.Sc. Paper 10 dt. 22/7/212021-07-21 07:10:43studentView
205Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Hist. Paper 10 dt. 22/7/212021-07-21 07:05:24studentView
206Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Pol. Sc. Paper 9 dt 20/7/212021-07-19 12:33:51studentView
207Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Hist. Paper 9 dt 20/7/212021-07-19 12:32:27studentView
208Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Hindi Paper 9 dt 20/7/212021-07-19 12:31:21studentView
209Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Eng. Paper 9 dt. 20/7/212021-07-19 12:29:59studentView
210Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV ECO. Paper 9 dt 20/7/212021-07-19 12:28:49studentView
211Online Test of B. Com. Sem. IV Paper GST dt 20/7/212021-07-19 12:27:55studentView
212Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Hist. Paper 82021-07-18 13:08:22studentView
213Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Pol. Sc. Paper 82021-07-18 13:05:02studentView
214Online Test of B. Com. Sem. IV Statistics2021-07-18 13:03:34studentView
215Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Hindi Paper 82021-07-18 13:01:45studentView
216Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV Eng. Paper 82021-07-18 12:59:38studentView
217Online Test of B. A. Sem. IV ECO. Paper 82021-07-18 12:57:29studentView
218Online Test of B. A. Sem. II F.A/C II2021-07-16 12:38:20studentView
219Online Test of B. A. Sem. II ECO. Paper IV2021-07-16 12:37:20studentView
220Online Test of B. A. Sem. II Eng. Paper IV2021-07-16 12:36:23studentView
221Online Test of B. A. Sem. II Hindi Paper IV2021-07-16 12:35:26studentView
222Online Test of B. A. Sem. II Hist. Paper IV2021-07-16 12:34:20studentView
223Online Test of B. A. Sem. II Pol. Sc. Paper IV2021-07-16 12:33:16studentView
224Online Test of B. A. Sem. II Pol. Sc. Paper III2021-07-14 03:45:33studentView
225Online Test of B. A. Sem. II Hist. Paper III2021-07-14 03:40:37studentView
226Online Test of B. A. Sem. II Hindi. Paper III2021-07-14 03:39:36studentView
227Online Test of B. A. Sem. II Eng. Paper III2021-07-14 03:38:14studentView
228Online Test of B. A. Sem. II ECO. Paper III2021-07-14 03:36:52studentView
229Online Test of B. Com. Sem. II B.O.2021-07-14 03:29:41studentView
230Online National Webinar 2021-06-20 03:28:57studentView
231Online Webinar on International Yoga Day 2021-06-20 03:23:18studentView
232Online Teacher-Parent Meeting2021-06-13 02:49:52studentView
233Online Vaccination Awareness Program2021-06-11 13:42:38studentView
234Re Opening of College 2021-06-10 15:06:02studentView
235Online Singing Competition 2021-06-01 13:31:28studentView
236Online Remedial Class2021-06-01 03:42:24studentView
237Online International Webinar2021-05-22 11:53:51studentView
238Online National Webinar on Time Management2021-05-22 08:04:46studentView
239Online National Rangoli Competition 2021-05-22 04:59:08studentView
240Notice for close of College2021-04-19 03:04:05studentView
241Provisional Eight Merit List2021-03-20 09:26:26studentView
242Admission Notice 2021-03-16 13:05:41studentView
243Internal Exam. Notice 2021-03-04 08:31:59studentView
244Rejected application for admission2021-02-26 09:01:16studentView
245Report of Certificate Verification2021-02-09 13:00:08studentView
246Seventh Provisional Merit List2021-02-08 06:55:57studentView
247Certificate Verification2021-01-27 12:21:32studentView
248Sixth Provisional Merit List 2021-01-25 14:36:18studentView
249Certificate Verification2021-01-18 14:49:34studentView
250Admission Notice 2021-01-18 14:44:15studentView
251Fifth Provisional Merit List2021-01-12 08:33:05studentView
252Admission Notice 2020-12-30 14:17:12studentView
253Fourth Provisional Merit List2020-12-24 11:32:52studentView
254Admission Notice 2020-12-11 11:34:27studentView
255Admission Notice 2020-12-07 12:07:52studentView
256Samvidhan Divas2020-11-26 05:24:32studentView
257Exam Notice2020-11-25 06:16:52studentView
258Third Provisional Merit List2020-11-16 12:31:17studentView
259Admission Notice 2020-11-05 15:07:56studentView
260Prov. Merit List B. Com. A/C Hon.2020-10-31 14:04:16studentView
261Prov. Merit List B. A. Gen.2020-10-31 14:02:37studentView
262Prov. Merit List Urdu Hon.2020-10-31 14:00:54studentView
263Prov. Merit List Soc. Hon.2020-10-31 13:56:39studentView
264Prov. Merit List Pol. Sc. Hon.2020-10-31 13:55:32studentView
265Prov. Merit List Hist. Hon.2020-10-31 13:54:25studentView
266Prov. Merit List Hindi Hon.2020-10-31 13:51:48studentView
267Prov. Merit List Eng. Hon.2020-10-31 13:50:33studentView
268Prov. Merit List Eco. Hon.2020-10-31 13:49:45studentView
269Admission Notice 2020-10-17 05:48:48studentView
270Admission Notice 2020-09-18 07:51:26studentView
271Merit List-B.A. (Gen.)2020-09-14 09:24:13studentView
272Merit List-B.A. Urdu (Hon.)2020-09-14 09:22:53studentView
273Merit List-B.A. Sociology (Hon.)2020-09-14 09:21:43studentView
274Merit List-B.A. Sanskrit (Hon.)2020-09-14 09:20:32studentView
275Merit List-B.A.Pol. Sc. (Hon.)2020-09-14 09:19:21studentView
276Merit List-B.A. Hist. (Hon.)2020-09-14 09:17:59studentView
277Merit List-B.A. Hindi (Hon.)2020-09-14 09:12:35studentView
278Merit List-B.A. Eng. (Hon.)2020-09-14 09:10:55studentView
279Merit List-B.A. Eco. (Hon.)2020-09-14 09:09:14studentView
280Merit List-B. Com. A/C Hon.2020-09-14 09:07:34studentView
281Important Notice2020-09-08 06:59:40studentView
282Exam. Notice of Sem. VI session 2017-202020-09-03 07:43:45studentView
283Urgent Exam. Notice of Sem. IV session 2018-212020-09-02 08:28:58studentView
284Revise Admission notice for admission in B. Com. & B. A. session 2020-232020-09-01 11:58:56studentView
285Urgent Exam. Notice of Sem. II and Sem. IV2020-08-31 12:28:15studentView
286Exam. Notice of Sem. VI session 2017-202020-08-28 13:07:07studentView
287Online Study Material for Commerce2020-08-26 09:55:46studentView
288Online Study Material for Commerce2020-08-26 06:37:05studentView
289Exam. Notice of Sem. VI session 2017-202020-08-24 05:28:06studentView
290Link of Fundamental of Investment for B. Com. Hon. Sem. VI2020-08-24 02:31:00studentView
291Link of International Business, B. Com. Hon. Sem. VI2020-08-23 02:36:34studentView
292Link on Business Research Method and Project Work2020-08-21 13:46:09studentView
293Internal Exam Link for B.Com. Sem- VI2020-08-20 15:40:42studentView
294Exam. Notice of Sem. VI session 2017-202020-08-20 05:03:23studentView
295Revise Admission notice for admission in B. Com. & B. A. session 2020-232020-08-18 11:28:42studentView
296Online Study Material for Commerce2020-08-13 11:44:58studentView
297Online Study Material for Commerce2020-08-01 06:19:26studentView
298Process of Online admission in B.A., B. Com. session 2020-232020-07-31 10:47:11studentView
299Online Study Material for Commerce2020-05-21 07:56:01studentView
300Webinar on 10/05/20202020-05-05 07:16:10studentView
301An Awareness for CornaVirous2020-03-20 07:22:49studentView
302An Awareness for CornaVirous2020-03-06 07:56:54studentView
303I.Q.A.C. sponsored campaign2020-03-03 04:55:30studentView
304Re-Advertisement2020-03-02 08:48:08teacherView
305Wanted2020-02-29 07:57:48teacherView
306I.Q.A.C. sponsored Seminar on 25/01/20202020-01-20 09:01:39studentView
307Mid-Sem. Exam. of Sem. III Session 2018-212020-01-04 15:12:45studentView
308I.Q.A.C. sponsored "Rangoli Competition"2019-12-03 05:40:40studentView
309I.Q.A.C. sponsored workshop2019-11-26 12:20:47teacherView
310I.Q.A.C. Sponsored Voters awareness program on 23/11/20192019-11-19 13:36:15studentView
311Workshop on E.R.P. & Postponed of form fill up work on 16/11/20192019-11-15 13:49:20studentView
312Inaugural of English Language Lab2019-10-03 04:23:28studentView
313Health Awareness Program2019-10-03 04:02:48studentView
314Tender/Quotation Invited Revise Date upto 10/10/20192019-09-25 05:25:46tenderView
315Workshop on Basic and Advance Excel2019-09-24 08:44:38studentView
316Faculty Development Program 20192019-09-04 09:22:48teacherView
317Personality Development Program2019-08-20 07:31:23studentView
318I.Q.A.C. sponsored Seminar2019-08-02 08:45:05studentView
319Welcome to Fresher’s2019-08-02 04:35:44studentView
320Commencement of class2019-07-17 13:12:12studentView
321Sem. II Session 2018-21 Internal Mid Sem. Exam. start from 25/7/20192019-07-16 04:11:08studentView
322I.Q.A.C. sponsored Legal Awareness Program on 12/7/20192019-07-12 05:46:35studentView
3235th International Yoga Day 20192019-06-21 12:53:33studentView
324Departmental Seminar on 17/06/20192019-06-14 05:40:12studentView
325Educational Field Trip 20192019-06-07 08:56:51studentView
326Admission and Registration Notice 2019-222019-05-19 07:16:02studentView
327Program of Internal Exam. IVth Sem. 2017-202019-05-04 03:30:05studentView

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